Health & Holiday perfectly combined

The Mangosteen Resort provides luxury accommodation, relaxation in a very comfortable and quiet environment, combined with the possibility to do “something good” to your body. Enjoy the treatments without the atmosphere of a clinic, enjoy beautiful Phuket!

One of our return guests wrote:

“In search of the ideal spot for Ayurvedic treatment.

Diana and I, since we lived in Hong Kong several years ago, are fond of Ayurvedic treatment. We experienced it in India, Sri Lanka and now Thailand at the Mangosteen Resort in Phuket.

In our judgment this is the best of all we have stayed up to now, for cleanness, quality of the team, Ayurvedic food and results! But what make it unique are the skills and talents of Dr. Subhash, the architect and mastermind of the overall treatment.

He makes the treatment special and tailored to anyone’s needs. He is supervising the kitchen to secure quality of foods and drinks, he is assisting you during the cleansing process, he recommends special massages, he is leading yoga classes in the morning, he is there for us!

The prove that we consider the Mangosteen Resort the top in our search is that we have stopped it at the moment, we came back for the second year and we also attracted our friends, Italian, French and Turkish to join us in this fantastic experience.” (Marco & Diane, Jan 2015)

Ayurveda Health & Well-being Packages

The Mangosteen Resort & Ayurveda Spa offers a variety of health packages, which can be further individualized on request. Our onsite Ayurveda Doctor will be happy to discuss your individual program according to your needs.

To give you an indication, we have created the following options. You may book them as they are and contact us by email prior to arrival, to discuss details with Dr. Subhash who will also send you a questionnaire in order to know more about your needs.

The rates include luxury accommodation for 7 or 14 nights, the spa package of your choice for one or two person which includes full board and yoga sessions, service charge and all applicable taxes. Accommodation is always including two person, however you may opt for one or two Ayurveda Packages, depending if both partners are doing the cure or just one.

Ayurveda Package Prices 2015
Ayurveda Package 1

AYURYOGA SHODHANA – A well-being holiday program

Shodhana translates to “purify”, for perfect well-being, a physical, mental and spiritual balance is required. Hence this Ayurveda program aims at all the aspects with a detailed treatments with right ingredients for your Doshas or personality trait and issues.

The Program starts with a detailed consultation followed by therapeutic treatments working from outside and herbal tea and concoctions from inside, relaxing massages pampering the mind, Yoga and meditation nurturing the Soul.

Preparing the body for an ultimate purification is obtained with choice from the “Satvik” Meal where the freshness and energy of the tropical ingredients are consumed every day!

Ayurveda Package 2

AYURYOGA CHAITANYA – A natural slimming program

Chaitanya is the state of freeness and lightness. This Ayurveda program involves treatments eliminating the tough adhered adipose toxins with the specialized powdered scrub each day with a detox steam.

Utmost care is also taken to account in advising and preparing a light and a wholesome Satvik meal everyday with the right choice of ingredients because we believe “You are what you Eat”
Physically the challenges are to overcome with good Yoga stretches and breathing exercises.

Ayurveda Package 3

AYURYOGA SANDHI – A joint and bone wellness program

Joints or “Sandhi” are the receivers of the harsh care we give to the body every day. Our body does not care till symptomatic changes occur. Skeletal tissues are at the middle of the Nutrition Pyramid hence care with external herbal preparations with internal herbal remedies and treatment are the core area of this program.

Mild stretches with body weight and supports are the Yoga style recommended. Chronic issues care are given good follow up with herbal and food advises.

Ayurveda Package 4

AYURYOGA OJASI –A rejuvenation anti-aging program

“Ojas”, the essence of the body plays a vital role in the ageing factor of the tissues. Right care with food, relaxation, rejuvenating herbs and right manner of breathing pumps the free radicles out of the body in giving a lightness and radiance to the body. A good technique of meditation also helps in keeping the worrying and fragile mind in control.

Our special “Satvik” meal with a Life drink can revive back all the nutrients with energy of the soil hence feeling refreshed and young.

Kaya Shodhna (Rejuvenation Program) Duration: 2 weeks / 3 weeks / 4 weeks

This program aims at Rejuvenation of whole body by means of External and Internal Ayurveda Treatments. External Treatments include Snehna with Medicated Herbal Oils and Swedana with Herbal Steam, Herbal Leaf Pouch Therapy and Rice Bundle Therapy. Internal procedures include Nasyam, Snehpana and Virechana. Nasyam is for cleansing of upper respiratory system and disinfecting sinuses. Snehpana is a procedure where internal herbal medicines are given for a specific period of time depending on Agni (Digestive Strength) of a person which accumulates toxins from whole body into one part of your Digestive System which are further taken out by means of Virechana (Purgation)

During this period special diets and regimens according to body Dosha will be advised by our Ayurveda Doctor.

This program is basically designed to increase your body immunity and to remove the metabolic waste and toxins which has been accumulated in your body since ages.

Consultation with Ayurveda Doctor
Rejuvenation through External Treatments
Rejuvenation through Internal Treatments and Medications
Rejuvenation through Ayurvedic Diet
Rejuvenation through Yoga and Meditation
Rasayanam (Rejuvenation Program) Duration: 2 weeks / 3 weeks / 4 weeks


Ayurveda Spa Introduction

thum-ayurveda-spa-1Combining the benefits of the clear crystal waters of Phuket and ancient holistic science of India “Ayurveda”, our treatments will rejuvenate and detoxify your body.

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Ayurveda History

thum-ayurveda-spa-2Ayurveda is a traditional healing system originated in India approximately 5,000 years ago. Ayurvedic teachings were composed by the wise men of India, called rishis, into sutras or Sanskrit verses.

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Ayurveda Spa Menu

spa-menu-thumA large selection of authentic Ayurveda treatments is available, as well as free consultation by our in-house Ayurveda Doctor. From detox, medical treatments to pure relaxation, we can tailor the best program for you. The Spa also offers traditional Thai Massages and many other relaxing packages, depending on your individual requirements.

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Spa Promotion

thum-ayurveda-spa-4Check this page for updated Spa Promotions. Monthly specials are offered as well as large discounted packages, saving your money and let you enjoy more. We ensure best value for money during your holiday!

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Ayurveda Packages

spa-packages-thumYou can choose from 3 day packages up to full 4 weeks cures, all with professional consultation from our Ayurveda Doctor. These packages represent great value and are of course individually designed for your personal benefit.

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Wellness Escapes

The Mangosteen Resort & Ayurveda Spa presents 4 new Wellness Escapes, each with different objectives and inclusions, all developed and supervised by our in-house Ayurveda Doctor.

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Health Cuisine

thum-ayurveda-spa-6Our health cuisine is designed to perfectly complement your Spa program. Freshly prepared, light and mostly organic ingredients taste great and help making the Spa treatments more effective.

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Dosha Consultation Form

Nature has its origin and evolved in the presence of ELEMENTS such as ether, air, fire, water and earth. These elements put together embodiment characters called DOSHA which form the core of Ayurveda science. Hence to establish an ideal approach in treating the Mind, Body and the Soul the involvement of the Dosha has to be pictured in detail.

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Contact Ayurveda Team

Please don’t hesitate to contact us before you make a reservation. Submit the contact form below for more information, special promotional offers, to check availability or any questions you may have.

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Yoga Retreats & Teacher Trainings

We host your Yoga Retreat or Teacher Training. Check this page for details and the event schedule

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The Fit Reisen Quality Certificate

As a result of a two-step assessment process, only the highest quality and best rated hotels receive the Fit Reisen Quality Certificate:

  1. Fit Reisen’s experts only accept and select partner hotels with strong service & quality orientation and clear focus on spa & health.
  2. In addition to the above mentioned evaluation we bring in the reviews of our customers. A hotel must achieve at least 4 of 5 possible points in order to be awarded with the Fit Reisen Quality Certificate.