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A famous Sanskrit quotation from the ancient Vedas says “Annam Bramheti Vyajanat” means – Food is a Creator. This means that we living beings are creation of food which clearly indicates that “We are what we Eat”.

As we have evolved, things have become more and more refined, the natural processes of food growth, storage and cooking have been replaced with unnatural methods & various chemicals being used which lead to low quality foods low in nutrients & other supplements resulting in weak immune system and different lifestyle disorders in people.

With Ayurveda cuisine we try to use the natural elements in food to assist the body in its day to day processes without placing unnecessary strain on our major metabolic organs and simultaneously building body’s own natural strength.

Ayurveda, or traditional Indian medicine, takes a holistic approach to health that looks closely at the effects of diet and other lifestyle factors on your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. According to the Ayurvedic system, there is no single diet that is right for everyone. The food you eat has either a balancing or aggravating effect on your body, depending on your constitutional type, or “dosha.”

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Ayurveda & Six Tastes (Shad Rasas)

In Ayurvedic cuisine, food is classified by the effect it has on our body. There are six primary tastes in Ayurvedic cuisine, each representing different types of foods that play individual roles in balancing your dosha. Sweet tastes have a strengthening effect, sour tastes stimulate the digestive system, salty tastes maintain your water and electrolyte balance, pungent tastes improve digestion and absorption of nutrients, astringent tastes also help with absorption and bitter taste stimulates all other tastes. Understanding them and how they relate to our individual constitution can help us make better choices to promote and maintain health.

According to Ayurveda, we are born with a unique constitution, which is an individual combination of the three Doshas, or principles that govern the function of our bodies on the physical, mental and emotional levels. These three energies are Vata, Pitta & Kapha. Disease is caused by an imbalance of any of the doshas and by the presence of ama, or toxic food byproducts (foods which are not digested) According to Ayurveda, the best preventive medicine and support of the natural healing process is a diet & lifestyle specific to the constitutional needs of the individual.

Incompatible Foods

According to Ayurveda texts certain foods are healthy when consumed alone but when taken in combination with other foods they generate harmful chemicals in the body. Such as

Avoid taking milk or yogurt with sour or citrus fruits.

Avoid eating fruits together with potatoes or other starchy foods. Fructose (and other sugars) is digested quickly, whereas starch takes quite some time. In this case the sugar would not be properly digested.

Avoid eating melons and grains together. Melons digest quickly whereas grains take more time. This combination will upset the stomach. Melons should be eaten alone or left alone.

Honey should never be cooked. Honey digests slowly when cooked and the molecules become a non-homogenized glue which adheres to mucous membranes and clogs subtle channels, producing toxins. Uncooked honey is nectar. Cooked honey is poison.

Do not eat meat protein and milk protein together. Meat is heating and milk is cooling so they counteract one another, disturb agni and produce ama.

Milk and melons should not be eaten together. Both are cooling, but milk is laxative and melon is diuretic, and milk requires more time for digestion. Moreover the action of hydrochloric acid in the stomach causes the milk to curdle. For this reason Ayurveda advises against taking milk with sour fruits, yogurt, sour cream, cheese, and fish.

In order to stimulate appetite one can chew and eat 1/2 teaspoon fresh grated ginger with a pinch of rock salt before each meal.

Ayurveda insists that iced water should not be drunk during or after a meal as it slows agni and digestion. Small sips of warm water taken during the meal serves to aid digestion. While eating one should properly masticate the food in order to soften it and ensure that it is thoroughly mixed with saliva. If desired, one can finish a meal by drinking a glass of “Takram”. This can be made by blending four teaspoons of yogurt with two pinches of ginger and cumin powder in one cup of water.

When eating, only one third of the capacity of the stomach should be filled with food, one third with liquid and one third should be left empty. This will aid in proper digestion and also promotes mental clarity

Ayurvedic Cuisine at Mangosteen Resort & Spa, Phuket

Ayurvedic cuisine has been designed on detox meals that combine all six tastes, keeping in mind incompatible food combination which can alkalize the body, stimulate circulation, purify the blood and drain your lymphatic system, resulting in a lighter, energetic metabolism.

Our main aim is to supply your body & major metabloic organs with natural nutrients from organic vegetables & foods removing toxins, allowing body to focus on self healing, with the goal being to raise energy levels, stimulate digestive health, remove bloating, avoid allergies, regain our natural ability to ward off cold & flu, prevent premature aging and disease.

For an Ayurvedic detox diet to work best, you need to eat more of the bitter, pungent and astringent tastes while reducing sweet, sour and salty tastes — the three tastes we normally crave. Our Ayurvedic cuisine has been designed keeping in mind the balance between six tastes giving more preference to first three tastes.

Ayurveda also encourages the use of herbs and aromatic spices, which are also considered medicinal substances. To create a balanced mix of all tastes our Ayurvedic cuisine is also infused with all these herbs & spices such as cumin, coriander, ginger, asafoetida, turmeric, fenugreek, cinnamon, clove and cardamom which helps to maintain digestive fire (agni) and the entire GI tract. Toxins that accumulate from improperly digested food is reduced by the effect of these spices & herbs.

We also recommend drinking hot water or detoxifying tea throughout the day to flush toxins out of your body. Drinking plain hot water is good for maximum hydration and cleansing.


Ayurveda Spa Introduction

thum-ayurveda-spa-1Combining the benefits of the clear crystal waters of Phuket and ancient holistic science of India “Ayurveda”, our treatments will rejuvenate and detoxify your body.

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Ayurveda History

thum-ayurveda-spa-2Ayurveda is a traditional healing system originated in India approximately 5,000 years ago. Ayurvedic teachings were composed by the wise men of India, called rishis, into sutras or Sanskrit verses.

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spa-menu-thumA large selection of authentic Ayurveda treatments is available, as well as free consultation by our in-house Ayurveda Doctor. From detox, medical treatments to pure relaxation, we can tailor the best program for you. The Spa also offers traditional Thai Massages and many other relaxing packages, depending on your individual requirements.

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spa-packages-thumYou can choose from 3 day packages up to full 4 weeks cures, all with professional consultation from our Ayurveda Doctor. These packages represent great value and are of course individually designed for your personal benefit.

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The Mangosteen Resort & Ayurveda Spa presents 4 new Wellness Escapes, each with different objectives and inclusions, all developed and supervised by our in-house Ayurveda Doctor.

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Health Cuisine

thum-ayurveda-spa-6Our health cuisine is designed to perfectly complement your Spa program. Freshly prepared, light and mostly organic ingredients taste great and help making the Spa treatments more effective.

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Nature has its origin and evolved in the presence of ELEMENTS such as ether, air, fire, water and earth. These elements put together embodiment characters called DOSHA which form the core of Ayurveda science. Hence to establish an ideal approach in treating the Mind, Body and the Soul the involvement of the Dosha has to be pictured in detail.

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