Resort Events

Songkran Festival – Thai New Year

Careful, this is a dangerous day! Get soaked and enjoy the party here at the resort with us. It has been great fun every year so far, splashing around, playing games and throwing the “boss” into the pool.


Casino Royale – New Year Party

31. December 2015 – 7.30 pm till late

Gamble with 007 and win attractive prices

Start the night with a delicious cocktail

Enjoy the amazing buffet and earn your license to kill

Showtime by the living daylights

Live Music

Music Dance – Groove 

Price: 4.900 Baht p.p. (Children under 12 years 50%, under 3 years free), including 10% service charge and 7% tax. Welcome Cocktail Fountain! The Dinner is compulsory for resort guests. Reservations from outside are welcome: [email protected]

Casino Royale Dinner Buffet Selection

An evening at the Casino Royale. Gambling, Shows and Music!


Smoked Salmon & Cream Cheese Roll


Stuffed Squid

Shrimp Cake
With Sweet Chilli And Plum Sauce

Stir Fried Prawns
In Spicy Cocktail Sauce

Fresh Baked Baguette, Focaccia & Ciabatta
With 3 Kinds Of Butter & 2 Kinds Of Cream Cheese

Salad Bar With Various Skyfalls


Royal Lobster Soup
With Poached Wild Exotic Langouste

Esaan Rocket Soup
North-eastern Style Spicy Clear Soup


The World Is Not Enough
Sushi Paradise Made On Site
An abundant Selection Of California rolls, Nigiri & Sashimi, with Gari and Wasabi

Marinated Snapper Packed In Banana Leaves
Grilled Fresh On Buffet

The Man With The Golden Gun
BBQ Seafood Skewers Grilled Fresh On Buffet

Beef Strip Loin Roast
With Garlic And Rosemary

Pork Legs

With Grilled Vegetables & Gravy, Honey, Mustard

Sautéed vegetables
Backed Sweet Potatoes & Roasted Potatoes topped
with Parmesan Sauce

Aston Martin Pepper Sauce (480 HP)
White Wine Sauce
Shaken, Not Stirred Martini Cream Sauce

Traditional Thai Style Fried Bean Sprouts
Made Fresh On Buffet

Yam Gai Yaang
Spicy Thai Grilled Chicken Salad

Khao Phad Boo
Fried Rice With Crabmeat

Beef Massaman Curry & Roti


Sticky Rice & Mango

Banana Caramel Crumble Cake

Diamonds Are Forever
Chocolate Cake With Diamonds

Thai Sweets
All Thais Are Sweet

Fresh Fruits

For Your Eyes Only
Fruit Carvings

Tomorrow Never Dies
Welcome to 2016

Phuket Festivals


Celebrate Phuket with us! Thai- or Chinese New Year, the well-known Vegetarian Festival, Loy Kratong, Phuket Old Town Festival and many more. Check this page for dates and information about the traditional festivities in Phuket.

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Phuket Events


Regattas, Marathons, Music and Film Festivals, Shows, Exhibitions or Parties. Phuket is hardly a boring place, so join the fun and check this page to get to know what is going on on the Island.

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Resort Events


The Mangosteen Team invites guests to join activities, parties and Thai Festivals. You are welcome to celebrate with us and learn about the local culture.

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