AyurYoga Sandhi (7 Nights, 1 Person)

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The Mangosteen Resort provides luxury accommodation, relaxation in a very comfortable and quiet environment, combined with the possibility to do “something good” to your body. Enjoy the treatments without the atmosphere of a clinic, enjoy beautiful Phuket!

7 Nights in a beautiful Superior Jacuzzi Villa with Ayurveda Sandhi Package included for 1 person.
This package can be booked with single or double occupancy. In case you travel with your partner but only you are joining the Ayurveda program, the second person shares your villa for free, with breakfast also included.


AYURYOGA Sandhi – A joint and bone wellness program

Joints or “Sandhi” are the receivers of the harsh care we give to the body every day. Our body does not care till symptomatic changes occur. Skeletal tissues are at the middle of the Nutrition Pyramid hence care with external herbal preparations with internal herbal remedies and treatment are the core area of this program.

Mild stretches with body weight and supports are the Yoga style recommended. Chronic issues care are given good follow up with herbal and food advice.

The Program starts with a detailed consultation by our in-house Ayurveda Doctor, followed by therapeutic treatments working from outside and herbal tea and concoctions from inside, relaxing massages pampering the mind, Yoga and meditation nurturing the Soul.

Preparing the body for an ultimate purification is obtained with choice from the “Satvik” Meal where the freshness and energy of the tropical ingredients are consumed every day!

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AyurYoga Sandhi Program, a total of 660 minutes of first class treatments plus daily Yoga session:

Ayurveda Package 3

The program can be booked twice, so it becomes a 14 day program. The table above indicates what would be on schedule, for example on day 4 or next week on day 9, day 7 and 14 etc. The schedule is however an indication only and can be adjusted when you are here. We are flexible!

  • In search of the ideal spot for Ayurvedic treatment

    Diana and I, since we lived in Hong Kong several years ago, are fond of Ayurvedic treatment. We experienced it in India, Sri Lanka and now Thailand at the Mangosteen Resort in Phuket. In our judgment this is the best of all we have stayed up to now, for cleanness, quality of the team, Ayurvedic food and results! But what make it unique are the skills and talents of Dr. Subhash, the architect and mastermind of the overall treatment. He makes the treatment special and tailored to anyone’s needs. He is supervising the kitchen to secure quality of foods and drinks, he is assisting you during the cleansing process, he recommends special massages, he is leading yoga classes in the morning, he is there for us! The prove that we consider the Mangosteen Resort the top in our search is that we have stopped it at the moment, we came back for the second year and we also attracted our friends, Italian, French and Turkish to join us in this fantastic experience.”

    (Marco and Diane, Jan 2015)

    In search of the ideal spot for Ayurvedic treatment

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