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The Mangosteen Resort is the only authentic Ayurveda Spa Resort in Phuket. Ayurveda is an ancient Indian way of natural healing, an entire way of life that aims to bring about the perfect balance of the personality, body, mind and spirit. Our certified Ayurveda Doctor, Dr. Subhash A. Shanbhag has created a unique and very relaxing 3 day journey for our guests. After the program, you will feel like reborn and you will also be given the opportunity to learn how to carry on with certain Ayurverdic practises afterwoods.

The 3 day journey “Jiva Bliss” contains:

A detailed Dosha (Body Constitution) evaluation and Pulse examination by in-house Ayurveda doctor (on day one only).
Ayurveda relaxing treatments preferable for the season are:

ABHYANGHAM-Traditional Ayurvedic Body massage with Dosha specific oils
PADABHYANGAM – Ayurvedic foot reflexology
SHIROABHYANGHAM- Indian Head massage
SHIRODHARA – Relaxing stream of medicaments over the forehead
KIZHI- Warm pouch therapy
MARMABHYANGHAM- Energy point massage
DURATION : Total 75 minutes each day in the combinations as above
A refreshing herbal drink after

Also included as a seasonal promotion is:

Ayuryoga – A 60 min counseling and discussion with the Ayurveda Physician for practical application of Ayurveda and Yoga into daily life, Ayurvedic eye care in your lifestyle.

The ingredients used in the treatments are carefully chosen, according to the ancient Ayurveda texts, to attain their full potency and benefits in the predominant season and Dosha.

Detox Diet as an adjuvant to the package is available at the Restaurant (on request and not included in the package)

Examples from our Ayurveda Spa Menu:

Shirodhara – Tailadhara 60 Minutes

Pouring of warm herbal medicated oil over the third eye chakra, “vital energy point located in the
center of forehead” helps in improving blood circulation, increasing oxygen, nutrients and energy
flow to the Brain, activating depressed areas of brain, alleviating fatigue, depression, mental stress,
improving concentration powers.

Takradhara 60 Minutes

Buttermilk added with various cooling herbs is poured on forehead which alleviates anxieties,
insomnia, and migraine and is good for people suffering from skin ailments.

Ksheeradhara 60 Minutes

Milk boiled with herbs like Thyme “Bramhi”, Indian Ginseng “Ashwagandha”, Butterfly pea
“Shankpushpi”is poured over forehead which pacifies aggravated Doshas, nourishes the tissues,
improving memory and concentration.

Kati Vasti 30 Minutes

Dough of flour prepared in circular manner is placed on lower back which holds medicated oil for
specific period relieving lumbar pains, nourishing muscles and tissues of that particular area,
increasing blood circulation. It is also beneficial in Lumbar degenerative disorders and sciatica.

Janu Vasti 30 Minutes

Retaining of medicated herbal oil over knee joints helps to improve blood circulation improving
healing of damaged tissues and cartilages, curing degenerative disorders, rehydrates the joints.

Greeva Vasti 30 Minutes

Retaining of medicated herbal oil in a well prepared out of black gram dough helps to strengthen
cervical muscles, nourishing and rehydrating cervical vertebrae, curing many cervical degenerative
disorders, relieves neck stiffness and cervical pains by improving blood circulation.

Njavara Kizhi (Rice Pouch Therapy) 60 Minutes

This therapy consists of scrubbing warm boluses, prepared with herbs, milk, rice and other grains
over your entire body using specific strokes. It improves blood circulation and muscle tone,
strengthens digestion and restores vigor to all your body tissues. It is beneficial in degenerative
conditions and can help the body rebuild muscular tissues. It is traditionally used for many
neurological and neuromuscular disorders.

Ela Kizhi (Herbal Leaf Pouch Therapy) 60 Minutes

Therapeutic massage done with pouches prepared form various herbs heated with garlic, lemon,
grated coconut dipped in hot oil, reduces generalized aches and pains, increases lymphatic drainage
and nourishes peripheral nerves. It is also beneficial to stop the progressive degenerative conditions
like Rheumatic Arthritis, Osteo Arthritis, Spondylysis etc.

Podi Kizhi (Herbal Powder Pouch Therapy) 60 Minutes

Poultice prepared out of various herbal powders such as alpinia galanga, ricinus communis,
sandalwood and dry ginger, fried together with a little rock salt, grated coconut and lemon juice. The
mixture is tied in muslin cloth boluses and is soaked in herbal oil to massage the body, helps in
relieving stiffness from the joints, muscles, removing toxins accumulated in superficial layers of skin
and breaks down the toxins present in digestive system, improving metabolism and inflammatory


Ayurveda Spa Introduction

thum-ayurveda-spa-1Combining the benefits of the clear crystal waters of Phuket and ancient holistic science of India “Ayurveda”, our treatments will rejuvenate and detoxify your body.

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Ayurveda History

thum-ayurveda-spa-2Ayurveda is a traditional healing system originated in India approximately 5,000 years ago. Ayurvedic teachings were composed by the wise men of India, called rishis, into sutras or Sanskrit verses.

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Ayurveda Spa Menu

spa-menu-thumA large selection of authentic Ayurveda treatments is available, as well as free consultation by our in-house Ayurveda Doctor. From detox, medical treatments to pure relaxation, we can tailor the best program for you. The Spa also offers traditional Thai Massages and many other relaxing packages, depending on your individual requirements.

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Spa Promotion

thum-ayurveda-spa-4Check this page for updated Spa Promotions. Monthly specials are offered as well as large discounted packages, saving your money and let you enjoy more. We ensure best value for money during your holiday!

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Ayurveda Packages

spa-packages-thumYou can choose from 3 day packages up to full 4 weeks cures, all with professional consultation from our Ayurveda Doctor. These packages represent great value and are of course individually designed for your personal benefit.

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Wellness Escapes

The Mangosteen Resort & Ayurveda Spa presents 4 new Wellness Escapes, each with different objectives and inclusions, all developed and supervised by our in-house Ayurveda Doctor.

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Health Cuisine

thum-ayurveda-spa-6Our health cuisine is designed to perfectly complement your Spa program. Freshly prepared, light and mostly organic ingredients taste great and help making the Spa treatments more effective.

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Dosha Consultation Form

Nature has its origin and evolved in the presence of ELEMENTS such as ether, air, fire, water and earth. These elements put together embodiment characters called DOSHA which form the core of Ayurveda science. Hence to establish an ideal approach in treating the Mind, Body and the Soul the involvement of the Dosha has to be pictured in detail.

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Please don’t hesitate to contact us before you make a reservation. Submit the contact form below for more information, special promotional offers, to check availability or any questions you may have.

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